The Project “SPEAK ROMANY” is financially supported by the City of Skopje

One of the core dimensions of the inclusive societies is the tolerance and respect of the cultural diversity among the people. it is necessary to create positive stories for an inclusive society, equal for all and for the future is crucial and necessary.

One of the envisioned successful story is “Keren Romane lafi” (Speak Romany) which is an digitalized form of learning and use of proper orthographic Romani language. This idea serves as a starting point of the language culture and science for every community, in this case, the Roma community.

The intention of this digital edition is to be a capital act and to serve as a base for creating materials intended for school practice in the educational process and gives an opportunity to any individual who wants to study or to get to know the Roma language. In parallel, this product will be also used in the process towards the standardization of the Roma grammatical language which will pave the way and motivate the creation towards new works in this category.

The project will produce work which will be in a digital form and in accordance with the modern way of living, and, it will be available to all future generations.

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